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This book is the result of a pursuit by the author lasting almost thirty years. The motivation for this pursuit was to be able to understand the Bible, especially End Times. The pursuit began for the author in his early 30's when he became aware that there was a small burning ember within that whispered that some day he would be able to understand the Bible. The length of the journey was due to much confusion created by the various systems of interpretation developed and evolving over the many centuries, since the completion of the Bible.

The author was brought up by dedicated parents in a church denomination that embraces the Dispensational system of interpretation, while his wife was brought up in a church denomination that embraces the Covenant system of interpretation. In trying to find a church home that accommodated both systems they found a non-denominational church, through some friends, that was based on the Covenant system. At that time the author was in his late thirties and had been in the pursuit for nearly five years, during which time he was exposed to much variety in approaches to understanding the Bible. The new church enabled an intensifying of the pursuit due to the minister being a very active teacher of the Word. After about five years studying at the new church, a basic understanding of the Covenant system was obtained. From that base, time was spent on comparing this system to the Dispensational system from his childhood. This went on for about another five years without any success in validating either one of the systems. At this point the author ran across a new system that almost immediately began to clear up the confusion. The new system is Dispensational except for the fact that it recognizes the distinctive message and ministry of the Apostle Paul. From that point of discovery to the publishing of this book took about twenty years, during which time the pursuit intensified further to where many hundreds of hours were spent in the five steps enumerated in the Introduction to this book. While the author doesn’t feel he still has all the answers, he does feel that he now has the foundation laid to enable him to understand the Bible and End Times and rejoices in attaining that goal after a thirty year pursuit. This book is an attempt to share the foundation, he attained, with anyone who has that same burning ember, of any size, that whispers that they, too, can understand the Bible.

During this thirty year pursuit the author was a professional in the Financial Services Industry as a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), Registered Representative, and Investment Advisory Representative (RIA) for Financial Network Investment Corporation, holding an Intermediary Insurance License, and a Series 7 Securities License. Undergraduate work was through the Wisconsin University System; finishing up at the American College, Bryn Mawr, PA and Society of Certified Senior Advisors, Denver CO. He attained life and qualifying membership status in the Million Dollar Round Table and was a member of the Court of the Table the last few years. He also was a member of the Society of Financial Services Professionals. He received the Distinguished Service Award from both his local branch of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors and from one of his primary companies, AmerUs Life. He was and is active in his church, family, community, and profession having served as a member and officer on many organizations, boards and committees.

The author is semi-retired, a U.S. Army Vietnam veteran, and lives in rural Wisconsin on several acres of river frontage. He is married to his wife of over forty years, Jan, has three children, and two grandchildren. Pastimes include: family activities, Bible study, traveling with an RV, reading, writing, speaking, oldies music, and muscle cars.

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Frederick E. Lewis

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